Need to Replace Boiled Chocolate Mint Plants
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Mark Tierno
Posted on: September 18, 2002

Hey there, database-guy here. I’ll prolly have a maintenance upgrade sometime for you but I actually had a question about one of your plants.

First off, the Chocolate Mint I got from you was doing great; 3-inch leaves and spreading like crazy, the pride of my little garden. I have a soker-hose system in my garden and a small six-foot hose hooked up between it and the faucet some odd feet away. Well, one OT summer day I made the mistake of, after watering, leaving said hose still hooked up to the soaker system instead of detaching it until the next day. The hose remained hooked up continuously for about a week, so that after watering residual water would remain in the hose and not get flushed until next watering... Did I mention it was summer with temperatures over 100 degrees F? Yep, you guess it; the water in the hose would be near boiling, at least for that first 6 feet worth until fresh water flushed it out, but the hot weater would bve the first to water the garden, and that soaker ran right by my chocolate mint.

I’d boiled the roots before I realized what was happening, and thus we have one of the very few thinbgs that will successfully kill off mint (I know, I’m still hitting myself).

Anyway, seeing as how I’ve not found a place nearby to me that knows about much less carries Chocolate Mint, I need to ask. Do you still carry it and is this a good time of the year for me to order some or is it one of those seasonal shipments (actual plant prefered)?

BTW: I didn’t realize that catnip coulkd grow THAT high?! Of course, it IS a mint :)

I would be very surprised if your chocolate mint didn’t rebound from the roots. It is hard to imagine how there could have been enough hot water to penetrate down enough to kill all the roots off. Mints are such robust growers that even an inch of rhizome or root will regrow. But nothing’s impossible...

We’d be happy to send you replacements – at no charge. Just confirm your address and we’ll get them to you when we next ship plants to the U.S. on Monday. Let me know as soon as possible so I can pass on the information to the order department in time for the Monday ship date. If there is anything else you would like let me know.

We always appreciate your letting us put up your medicinal herbs database on our website. It is a valuable resource for our online visitors. Sometimes I wish we had the time to build a database from all the scraps of information we have in our files, but that would be a daunting task, and then I think of how much work it must have been for you to create your database.

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