Rosemary for Indoor Potted Growth
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Derek Ragona
Posted on: December 3, 2002

I live in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area, and would like to grow rosemary in a pot for herb use. Of the varieties you sell is there one or more that would do well in this type of environment? I would put the plant outdoors in the pot in summer and bring it indoors at the end of summer.

Is there any special equipment or environmental need of rosemary except careful watering? We currently keep some herbs indoors using florescent plant lights, to ensure enough light. If other lighting is preferred, please let me know what you recommend.

Any of the rosemary cultivars we offer would do well if grown in a large pot on the patio and overwintered indoors. You would get the most growth from the ‘Rex’ variety, since it was selected for cutting and culinary purposes. Your plans for indoor growing sound fine, just make sure you take enough time to gradually accustom the plant to the drier, warmer and lower light conditions of indoors. More plants have snuffed it because they were not moved to the shade for a week or two and once indoors kept as cool as possible for another week or two. You seem to be aware of the peril of letting the plant dry out even once or of keeping it soggy wet for too long. Check out our web-site at under the "Q&A" heading in the "News & Info" section of the site. Click on "Search Question & Answers" and type in"rosemary", to find the topics that sound as if they would further answer your question

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