Companion Plant for Valerian
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Spencer White
Posted on: June 10, 2003

I have a nice display of Valerian, but it’s an early bloomer, and I was looking for something (herb) to plant beside it that is a later bloomer. Can you suggest something? I’m getting ready to place another order, and would appreciate your input.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a tall herb reaching upwards to 5 feet (1.5 metres) high. It tolerates both partial shade and full sun. Because you don’t say what conditions you have the valerian growing in, I will suggest similarly tall herbs that can tolerate both partial sun and full sun.

Here are some herbs that you can grow:

1. Aconite (Aconitum napellus): blue flowers (summer or late summer); 3-4 feet (0.8-1.2 metres) high

2. Echinacea (E. purpurea): purple, reddish or white flowers (summer or late summer); 3-4 feet (0.8-1.2 metres) high

3. False indigo (Baptisia australis): blue flowers (June-July); 3-5 feet (0.8-1.5 metres) high

4. New England aster (Aster novae-angliae): purple daisies (Sept.); 3-6 feet (0.8-2 metres) high

5. Chocolate Boneset (Eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate’): bronze leaves, white flowers (summer); 3-4 feet (0.8-1.2 metres) high

6. Joe-pye weed (Eupatorium purpureum): rose-purple flowers (Aug. Sept.); 4-7 feet (1-2 metres) high

7. Blue vervain (Verbena hastata): lavender flowers (summer); 4-7 feet (1-2 metres) high

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