Deer Tolerant Herbs
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Marty Galganski
Posted on: January 20, 2004

In my suburban St. Louis woodland and sunny gardens, where the deer population is quite high and they will come up to the windows and munch the flowers and herbs, I found that

the deer decimated: oregon grape holly

munched on these during the year: ballon flower borage bugle (ajuga) candytuft and in the colder months, munched on the: lungwort periwinkle sweet sumac (the stems)

However, they have never touched: wormwood, yarrow, lavender, mayapple, mints, artemisia, sage, santolina, soapwort, thyme, basil, chives, coreopsis, garlic, germander, basil and scented geraniums

I am about ready to place my first-time order and will try many of the deer-tolerant herbs you mentioned in your list [Deer Tolerant Herbs,] and then I will report back to you next year!

I plan to order the books immediately as a background for the development of new education programs for scouts and students in environmental, science and social studies for the biological field station where I work. The herbs - they will be for my home garden!

Your website was easy to manipulate and provided helpful assistance in my selection of herbs for this area. Although many zone five and six plants are successful here, the shade and clay soil challenge a gardener.

Thank you for your feedback to our InfoSheet on deer-tolerant herbs. We will amend it to reflect your findings that deer do in fact browse on and even decimate some of the herbs we have listed on the InfoSheet.

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