How to Dry Peppermint for Tea?
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Victoria
Posted on: May 10, 2004

Isn’t it great to just get on line and find everything you ever wanted to know? I was in the garden clipping the peppermint plants I planted last year. Boy do they take over. I want to dry the leaves for herbal tea. I got on line and found you.

My question is: How do I dry the mint for great fresh tasting peppermint tea?

The speedier the drying, the better the end result will be. Also do not use heat, as this would cause the oils responsible for the taste to evaporate. It is usually suggested that you lay the cut sprigs onto a screen -- such as a window screen and put the screen onto a couple of bricks placed into a shady but airy spot, until the sprigs are dry. You may have to finish the drying off at the end of the day, by putting the screen for a few minutes into a warm, but not hot oven.

But while the summer is in progress, nothing can beat a tea made with fresh sprigs of peppermint.

The only mint that improves its taste on drying is menthol mint. The fresh herb is a bit too pungent to be called delicious!


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