Growing Valerian, Evening Primrose and Lobelia
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Desiree’ Aagard
Posted on: June 01, 2004

I am trying to start an herb garden and am having a hard time finding the information that I need to grow some of the herbs that I have ordered from your company. I would like to know all I can about how to grow, harvest, etc. the following herbs: valerian, evening primrose, and lobelia.

I would like to know if there are any special tricks to growing these. I have tried to do an herb garden for many years and have failed many times. I have decided this time to do more research on the herbs that I want to grow. I have many more but have found information on them. These that I have listed are the only ones that I am having a hard time with. Can you please help me?

I guess you have not discovered the last part of the "News & Info" section of our website. Go to our web-site at . In the "News &Info" part click on "Richters’ InfoCentre". Then click on "Richter’s ProGrowers Info" and then click on the the three herbs you are interested in.


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