New Herb Garden in Zone 8
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Sangrid Maxwell
Posted on: July 12, 2004

I am going to start growing an herb garden in East Texas, USA (between Nacogdoches, Tyler, and Carthage) and was wondering if these herbs will do well in our area (zone 8, I believe).



Mint (peppermint)


Lemon Balm

Roman and German Chamomile

Dill (Long Island Mammoth)

Sweet Basil

Parsley (Moss Curled)

Basil (Lemon)






Milk Thistle


St. John’s Wort

I will also enjoy any information about how to grow them correctly if you have time.

You should have no trouble growing any of the plants you mentioned in your zone as long as you give them fertile, well-draining, moist but not wet soil and place them in full sun. The aloe has to overwintered indoors and the St John’s Wort may not do all that well unless you are within 200 miles of a large body of water. If you plan to use seeds, you might have trouble germinating catnip, echinacea and lavender this late in the season (July), so plant this seed in the fall for next year.


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