Transplanting Lavender
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Clare Vander Molen
Posted on: July 16, 2004

Recently we had landscaping done by a professional. However now I realize that some of the plants have been placed in wrong area. Can I transplant lavender, if so when?

Try to move the plants with as big a soil ball as possible, whenever you do move them.

When you can move them all depends on what sort of climate you have. Early spring is the safest time, because it gives the plants enough time in cool wet weather to regrow enough roots to withstand summer heat and later winter cold. If you are willing to shade the plants for a while after moving them and keeping them moist but not wet, then later in the growing season would be OK too. Early fall might be another good time, but unless the fall is long and your winters not too severe, the plants may not reestablish sufficiently well to survive the repeated freezing and thawing of winter. Mulching the soil after freeze-up is essential to stop frost heaving, since the roots would not be deep enough yet to not be ripped by this.


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