Parsley with Yellow Leaves
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question frrom: Clay Massey

I just wanted to ask you about parsley... I have some growing in three pots and they have mostly yellow leaves. I was wondering if I am watering it too much or not giving it enough sunlight because it’s in the most sunny spot in the yard.

The most likely reason for the yellowing leaves may be that the heat of summer is too much for the plant and its roots cannot keep up with the water loss and it is therefore getting rid of some of its leaves. Parsley usually comes into its own when the days and nights get cooler towards fall. Try shading it, or even moving it with a big clump of soil to a cooler location. You can also try fertilizing it since a shortage of any nutrient will also make the plant try to reduce old leaves to have some nutrients for the new leaves and the roots.

Lastly, if the drainage of your soil is not very good, then frequent watering may have rotted the roots and the leaves are therefore now snuffing it too. Gently scratch away a bit of the soil near the base of the plant to see what the tap root looks like. If it is healthy try some of my other suggestions. If it is rotten, work some sand into the soil and try again!


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