Growing Herbs in Pots in Nevada
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Rene P. Davila
Posted on: August 06, 2004

My goal is to grow all my own herbs for my culinary and health drink use and I am having difficulties with my oregano and others. My location is Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and I am living in an apartment and my herbs need to be in pots.

What are some books or other source of information for the beginner or novice that would cover all or everything about care for growing and keeping healthy herbs? Can you help? I usually buy plants from whole foods that come in four inch pots and bring home to replant. Since it is summer the plants are not able to handle outside conditions so growing inside is my solution -- and I need tips, advice, etc.

Since you live in an oasis in the desert, I presume you have great problems with maintaining humidity. Oregano comes from the Mediterranean and many other herbs do as well. The humidity there is always quite high. Set your pots on humidity trays. That is take a baking pan -- a glass one is best for light transmission -- half fill it with pebbles, put in water to just below the pebble level and set your pots on top of the pebbles, so the pots are over but not in water.

You do not say which way your windows are facing. East is probably best and North the worst. In the latter case you would have to supplement the light with flourescents -perhaps put on a timer for 14 to 16 hour days.

If you check our web-site at and go to "News & Info", then from there to "Magazine Rack" and check out the articles "Growing Herbs Indoors", "Indoor Herb Garden" and "Popular Herbs Grow Happily Indoors" you should get lots of help.

The best book for your specific use would have been "Growing Herbs In Pots", a book long out of print, once carried by Richters, but perhaps you can get it used from

At present Richters carries several books that have sections on pot growing in them, plus lots of great general herb growing information, such as "Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses" by Deni Bown (Richters catalogue # B2730)and "Profits From Your Backyard Herb Garden", by Lee Sturdivant (B7035)

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