Scented Herbs in a Balcony Container
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: No Name Given
Posted on: August 11, 2004

Hi again, i just wanted to know if an aloe vera plant, eucalyptus plant, chocolate mint geranium plant, tea tree plant, and sweet pink plant can all survive together in a large pot placed on a balcony or patio with ample sunlight and some shade? And how often do I water them? And do I use fertilizer or just let them grow on their own?

Yes these herbs can survive together in a container for a season at least. But you will need prune the eucalyptus, geranium and tea tree to keep them at a manageable size -- these all normally get quite a bit larger than the others -- or move them out of the container when they get too big for the other plants.

Also can I use the ginkgo fluid extract and the celery fluid extract in any tea such as Lipton tea bags? And how many drops do I use in the tea?

Yes most fluid extracts can be added to other beverages such as tea. The number of drops depends on the herb and on the condition being treated, but generally anywhere from 3-12 drops are taken at a time so this amount of drops could be added to your tea.

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