Planting A Steep Slope in Zone 9
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Bethany Haskett
Posted on: August 27, 2004

I have a very steep slope in a very dry, hot area with clay soil and full sun that I would like to grow some sort of ground cover on. It is at the far end of our yard by the road and I will probably not give it much water (any water) or attention. I like the plants I have to serve more than one purpose and would like SOME type of herb there. We are at 4,000 feet elevation and have some wet snow for the winters, but temperatures don’t usually get below 0 degrees. Is it possible that there is an herb that would do well? Would a low-growing rosemary work? I would appreciate your suggestions.

I would not suggest rosemary because it does not like to dry out completely -- ever!

You might like to try the citrus scented thymes, since they can take more heat once established, but during a prolonged drought you will have to water.

The oreganos would be a good choice, with the common marjoram, also called wild oregano being the most indestructible. If you work some sand into your slope it will probably take off!

Check our web-site for more ground cover suggestions and working with the catalogue pick out the ones that are hardy in zone 9.

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