Transporting Basil and Storing Seed Over the Winter
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kate Ingle-Rosario
Posted on: October 11, 2004

We are moving within the next 30 days and I have magnificent, huge bushes of basil. Due to the nature of moving I won’t have much time to harvest the basil properly. What’s the easiest way to carry the basil leaves to the new home. Dried, frozen?

Dried would be best, if you can do it properly -- that is at low heat. Frozen is easiest, keeps its flavour well, but the basil turns black.

Also, I have harvested dill seeds and cilantro seeds from the end of this years crop. I stowed them in small ziploc baggies and have them in the freezer. Can I keep them like this until spring, or am I killing them this way?

You are not killing them, but it is not necessary to use the freezer, the fridge is cool enough.

The beauty of the move is that I will get a lot more land to garden and plant in, and all winter to dream about what I want to put in first.

I would suggest that you immediately cultivate the soil where you want to plant your garden to get a head start on eliminating weeds.

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