Growing Herbs and Mesclun Indoors
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Shannon
Posted on: November 19, 2004

I live in Pittsburgh PA and have great herbs all summer and then have to get through winter on dried stuff. I would really like some advice on which herbs will grow indoors, I mean really grow indoors, which won’t and how to go about growing a supply sufficient for entertaining occasionally and personal use. I would also like to be able to grow a pot of mesclun during the winter months, is it worth it, will mesclun really grow from seed indoors when it is snowing out?

The biggest problem for winter indoor herb growing is the inadequacy of natural light. A four foot double light fixture put over your growing area and left on for at least 14 hours per day, can do wonders.

The mesclun will grow, but will not be as strongly flavoured nor as darkly coloured as out of doors.

To get ideas on which herbs to grow indoors do check our web-site especially the "News & Info" section. The "Q&A" has many answers to similar questions to yours and the "Magazine Rack" deals with indoor growing as well. As a general answer -most culinary herbs will do fine indoors, but some such as chives and tarragon need a month of freezing weather in the fall before being brought back indoors.

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