Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua) & Other Herbs for Tropical Mountain Site
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Adhiseshann
Posted on: January 16, 2005

Please advise the type of soil and weather conditions one needs for growing Artemisia annua (Sweet Wormwood).

This herb needs well-draining, rich moist soil and lots of sun once germinated. The seed needs to be surface sown, since the seeds need light to germinate. Germination proceeds best at 22 degrees Celsius and takes 28 to 45 days.

Please suggest to me what other rare medicinal plants one can grow in a soil which has a pH of 6 and is very rich organically and not cultivated for 15 years , virgin soil and situated on a hill of 5000ft above mean sea level. The temperature during winter is a maximum of 8 degrees Celsius, no frost and during the peak of summer not more than 27 degrees Celsius.

If you will check our catalogue you will notice that opposite the Latin name of each perennial herb we state a range of zones that the plant should do well in. For example Z9-11, means the plant will survive winter and summers in zones 9 to 11. You appear to be in zone 9 and many herbs rated for zone 9 should do well for you. Your climate is very similar to that found in the Mediterranean, except for the slightly acid pH, making your choice very great. You might have a little trouble with a heat lover such as basil, but a sheltered situation along a sunny wall will probably solve that problem. If a plant does not do well try it in a spot at which you have added some lime to the soil.

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