Growing Vegetables
Answered by: Inge Poot
question from: Joanne Bancroft

I live in Minden, Ontario, Canada and would love to get a head start on planning my garden and would love to know which vegetables (including fresh salad plants) would grow well in this zone.

Any other useful advice regarding the easiest varieties to grow, and how early to start planting (from seeds) would be greatly appreciated.

Minden, Ontario appears to be in zone 3 and therefore will have a rather short growing season. Any of the annual vegetables would grow well for you, but to have some early in the season you will have to start them indoors about a month before your last frost date. Onions and peas should be planted out of doors as soon as you can get in the soil. They can take a bit of frost and suffer more from the summer heat. Use the number of days to harvest given in the Richters’ catalogue to help you decide when and if to start them indoors. They will grow faster and with less damping off if planted straight out of doors. Lettuce transplants well, even though the plants will be a bit limp when they first go outside.

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