Herbs in the House
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Lynn Brochon
Posted on: May 01, 2005

I want to have herbs in my house until I can plant them outside. I know some come come back and others do not. Any information you can give me will help. If you know of a magazine or book that may help please let me know.

Put the herb pots in your sunniest window, since most culinary herbs are high light requiring plants. Water to keep moist but not soggy wet. Plant outside when all danger of frost is past.

With the help of our catalogue you can figure out which herbs will overwinter in your area. Opposite the latin name we list the zones in which the plant will survive out of doors. If you do not know what zone you live in go to our web-site www.richters.com under "News & Info" go to "Richters InfoCentre" and click on the "Plant Hardiness Zone Maps" to find your geographical area and the zone(Z) it is in. The "Q&A" section also has many answers to questions you might have.

As for books, the best reference in my opinion is Deni Bown’s "Encyclopedia Of Herbs And Their Uses", Richters Catalogue #B2730. Two great Beginners books are "Growing Herbs And Vegetables" Terry and Mark Silver #B4265 and "Growing Herbs From Seed Cutting & Root" Thomas DeBaggio #B4280.

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