When to Plant Herbs Outdoors
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: No Name Given

Now that May is just a couple days away, I am wondering if my herbs can be grown outdoors in the garden or in a pot? I have rosemary, sage and basil to plant.

It all depends when your last frost date is. All three herbs should be slowly hardened off before any planting is done, by placing the pots in the shade out of doors and bringing them indoors for the night until danger of frost is past. Over the period of at least a week, gradually move the plants from the shade into full sun. Rosemary and sage can then be planted after the last frost date, but basil will die if the temperature drops below about 5 degrees Celsius and be very unhappy at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. It should not be planted out for another one or two weeks , so that it can be moved into the house for cool nights.

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