Lavender in Indonesia
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Shienny The
Posted on: May 23, 2005

I am very interested to purchase some lavender plants, but I live in Indonesia. I tried to contact the other company but they don’t do delivery outside USA. Do you do overseas delivery?

If you do, what’s the best product should I buy. I am planning to grow lavender in my house. Indonesia only has two seasons: dry and wet. Will this plant survive Indonesia’s climate ?

The kind of lavender I’m interested are the English Lavender but I’m open to other suggestion. Please let me know how to maintain this plant as well. I am a real beginner.

We do ship to Indonesia, but the shipping and documentation costs are expensive. You can expect to pay $100 or more for a six plant order. Also, we do not gurarantee safe arrival -- if the plants are delayed (for example) at Indonesian customs, we cannot be responsible for the damage or loss.

You must apply for an import permit and submit that with your order. That means that you will have to mail or fax your order -- you cannot order online or by telephone. In most cases, the standard $20 phytosanitary certificate applies, but if your government has any special requirements there may be additional charges or we may not be able to ship at all.

As for which varieties of lavender to grow, lavender does not thrive in hot, humid environments, and it needs full sun to do well. If you want to grow indoors, you will have better results with tender varieties such as sweet lavender and french lavender. But these varieties, while very fragrant, are not considered the best scented lavenders. Their main virtue is that the leaves are fragrant which is an advantage when growing indoors because it is very difficult to get lavender to bloom well indoors. The best scented varieties, i.e. the english and lavandin varieties, really are not suited for indoors; but outdoors in your climate they won’t do well either because they will suffer from the heat and heavy rain during the monsoon.

Probably the best advice we can give you if you are determined to grow lavender is to try several different varieties to find out which one does the best for you. Besides the sweet and french varieties, you could experiment with English, Lady, Grosso and Provence.

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