Cuban Oregano and Earwigs
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Tracy LeRouzes
Posted on: May 24, 2005

I recently read that dahlias attract earwigs but that cuban oregano is an effective earwig deterrent. Is this true?

I have not heard of this, but new attractants and deterrants are thankfully occasionally discovered by observant gardeners.

I would not be surprised that earwigs like dahlias since they have such succulent leaves. I have not noticed that earwigs accumulate in my own planters with miniature dahlias, but earwigs seem to be very common on the warm south side of my house. They munch on anything there.

Cuban oregano is very fleshy and would under ordinary circumstances be attractive to earwigs. But since it also has a very concentrated aroma, again it would not be surprising that earwigs don’t want to eat it. So by all means sprinkle some chopped up leaves around your most tender and precious plants and observe if it keeps earwigs away. Planting one for the summer near a prized dahlia might be a good idea. Do let us know how your experiment works.

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