Over-wintering Lavender
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Cathy Nadalin
Posted on: June 18, 2005

Some of my lavender plants have a small section of new growth on the edge, the main body looks dead, will the entire plant ever come back? Should I prune the dry, dead pieces off?

Yes, it will allow more air to the live part of the plant and may stop the rot.

What is done for commercial purposes for over wintering? the same as you mentioned for my previous question?

They use straw as a mulch, if the climate demands it. But since most such areas are well within the natural growing range of the plants, e.g. France, nothing needs to be done, since they do not have to cope with our winters.

Also are you in contact with Susan Peace from "Scent for the Soul", she is the closest grower in my area and I would like to speak with her about lavender, if you have an e-mail address for her I’d appreciate it. I knew she was a customer of yours.

Sorry but we cannot give out contact information of our customers for privacy reasons.

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