Winterizing Herbs in Pots
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Suzanne Friemann
Posted on: June 30, 2005

I purchased some herbs from Richters a few weeks back and have since potted them in 6.5-8 inch (16 -20 cm) clay pots. Because I may be moving soon and so my landlord doesn’t think I am cultivating "weeds" I have not planted them in the ground. However, if I do stay put for the winter I would like to know how to keep them -- do I submerge the pots in the ground and mulch? If so, how deep does the hole have to be and how big the pots? If not, then what is the solution?

Submerge the pots up to the rim in soil and mulch. If one of the pots contains lavender, pop a basket over the buried pot before mulching over it. This will keep the plant dry and prevent rotting. The size of pot you chose seems OK, but the rule of thumb is: the larger the better! Remove the mulch in spring as soon as killing frosts are over in your area.

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