Growing Bayleaf Tree Indoors
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: A Daly
Posted on: October 23, 2005

Would like to grow a bayleaf tree indoors in Scotland. The house is centrally heated with good sunshine. Has been suggested that we use a grow bag in a large pot. Would you advise this?

Where would we obtain such a plant in the UK, and advice on growing?

I am not familiar with the concept of a "grow bag" in a large pot. I guess that this is a system of placing a bag filled with a prepared growing medium that is loosely packed inside a pot. I imagine the bag is slit open at the top of the pot and the plant is planted in the opening. The growing medium is loose enough so that you can fit the bag and its contents easily inside the pot.

With this system I would worry about drainage. It is important to make sure that water can freely drain out of the pot. I suppose the "grow bags" come with drainage holes, but you need to ensure that they are not obstructed by by the walls of the pot.

Frankly, I prefer to place the growing medium in the pot and dispose the plastic of the grow bags. There is no inherent benefit of the plastic grow bag as far as I can imagine.

There are many mailorder nurseries in the UK specializing in herbs. A search on Google will reveal some.

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