How To Overwinter Geraniums
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Judy Hansen
Posted on: October 12, 2006

How do I overwinter geraniums, what is the best way and the easiest too?

I presume you do not mean the hardy true geraniums, since they are simply left in the ground and only mulched in areas where they are marginally hardy.

The other "geraniums’ are actually Pelargoniums. They include ivy geraniums and scented geraniums -plus other groups that we no longer carry. All cannot take frost and must be over-wintered indoors. Since they are high light plants, our poor winter sun makes this a problem. Fluorescent lights put right above the plants may solve the problem. Cool temperatures slow growth and this helps too.

Ivy geraniums, such as our Austrian geraniums should be cut back in the fall and over-wintered hung in a cool but preferably bright spot. Keep them on the dry side, but not completely dry.

Scented geraniums have to be kept damper than the previous group and should be kept quite cool to slow growth. The will need the best light you can give them, but may have to trim back the weak growth periodically, especially in the spring before they go outside again.

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