Passionfruit Growing and Pruning
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Burgwyn
Posted on: October 27, 2006

I live in Carine in Western Australia, walking distance to the beach. I have a grafted passionfruit vine, approximately three years old.

Question 1. Some fruit is the purple variety and some are larger yellow type is this normal?

I suspect that the rootstock has sprouted and is fruiting as well as the grafted variety. They cross pollinate each other and so assure better fruit set.

Question 2. It is now winter here and the vine is still going like crazy, flowering and fruiting which is great for me but when do I prune? I know not in winter, but if it is still fruiting in spring do I wait until it is not fruiting?

You can prune this plant anytime, but spring is best, because it will overcome the shock best. Never prune off more than one third of each shoot.

Question 3. Do they have a limited life and can I get a new plant from this one?

Theoretically they live forever, but in practice once the plant gets old and very woody it will be less vigorous and may even die. Try to root some of the shoots to make new plants. They root quite well if you use fresh rooting hormone. Root some of each type of fruit and get the two separate plants to cross-pollinate each other.

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