Storing Excess Ginseng Seeds for Next Season
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Lois MacIssac
Posted on: October 31, 2006

I recently purchased american ginseng seed and am in the process of planting but I am realizing that I may not be able to plant the entire amount this year. My question is, can I store the remainder of the seeds and use them next year? How would you store them (refrigerator, outside) and would they still be viable next year?

Unfortunately, ginseng seed does not store well after they have been stratified for one season as our seeds have been. That’s not to say though that it is a complete waste of time to try storing them: you will get some success if sown in early spring but the germination will be about half or less even. Remove the seeds from the package they are in and store in moist (but not soggy) vermiculite or sand in a fridge. In spring the seeds will begin to germinate and you must get the seeds in the ground immediately just as the signs cracking, splitting and sprouting begin. You cannot keep the seeds much past that point; you certainly cannot keep them until the fall which is the usual time to sow ginseng seeds.

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