Herbs For The Tropics
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Poon Chun Wai
Posted on: December 10, 2006

What herbs would you suggest for the growing in the tropics? My oregano, thyme and mint have some small white spots on their leaves. What are they and what can I do? The leaves of my chives plant are always drooping, why is it so?

Make sure you choose cultivars of herbs that are rated for zone 11 or higher in our catalogue. The range of zones the plant can survive out of doors is given to the right of the latin name of the plant.

The small white spots are probably caused by water droplets being on the plant part. When the blazing sun hits it, the water droplet concentrates the sun onto the plant surface underneath it and that part gets cooked and turns white. Make sure you water plants only in the early morning or early evening so that no water is on them either during the hot part of the day or during the night.

Chives are not rated as being able to survive out of doors in the tropics. They only do well up to zone 9. They need a month of frost in the fall. If they do not get this they will just sort of fade away. Grow them in a pot and stick the pot in the frige for one week and then in the freezer for 3 more weeks, then back in the fridge for a week and then back outside. Keep them in the shade out of doors and mulch the soil to help the roots keep up with the water demand.

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