Can I grow these herbs in middle Georgia, USA?
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Rebecca Holcomb
Posted on: December 29, 2006

I live in Georgia (USA) towards the center of the state. I want to start growing some herbs. I have gotten a lot of info on some plants already, but having a hard time with these four -- red clover, saw-tooth mint, borage, sheep sorrel. The only info I have on these is what I got from another herb site, and it only said that these tasted delicious and were good in teas. Can these grow down here, and if they can where might I obtain some? Also, I have a bed where I grow tomatoes, can I mix herbs in along with these plants?

Middle Georgia, USA is in climatic zone 8 all the herbs you mentioned should do OK in your climate. I would plant all of them in dappled shade, because they will have trouble surviving the heat of summer. Make sure you keep them well watered then as well, especially the mint -- even though I am not familiar with the mint going by the common name of "saw-tooth" mint. Richters carries all of the aforementioned herbs, but I am sure we have "saw-tooth" mint under another common name. Red-clover, mint and sheep sorrel I would not mix with other vegetables, but borage would not be a problem. The other three herbs tend to creep and it would be hard to keep in their place if other plants come into the picture as well.

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