Creating a Herb Garden in Jamaica
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Brenda J. Provost
Posted on: March 24, 2007

I am a graduate from New York City College of Technology with a bachelors in hospitality management. I am passionate about food and I desire to learn more. I have developed an interest in culinary herbs and I want to create a garden in Jamaica. However, I do not know where to start to develop this garden.

Choose a spot for the garden that has one portion with lots of sun and one with half shade. If the soil is not well draining, spade in sharp sand. If it is very sandy, work in lots of humus or compost. Make sure you have water available to irrigate when the soil dries out and no rain replenishes the moisture.

For suggestions of plants to grow, check our catalogue or the web-site ("News&Info", "Richters InfoCentre" and "Richters Herb Growing Infobase", type in name of herb and scroll down to zone information) and pick out herbs that are rated to grow in the tropics. Also instead of going to the "Richters Herb Growing Infobase, you can go to "Q&A" and type in "Tropics" and several good questions and answers will come up.

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