Dwarf Variety Herbs for Windowsill Garden
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Rita Ensley
Posted on: June 20, 2007

I would like to have a windowsill herb garden in my large kitchen window, but I am unable to find herbs that are of dwarf or miniature variety. I think the regular herbs I can purchase at a local nursery would get too large. Help! I just can’t find the small herbs online or anywhere else.

What you are looking for does not exist in every case. True dwarf or compact varieties that won’t crowd out their neighbours do exist in a few cases; but most either don’t yet exist or are still too large, relatively speaking, to grow in a windowsill garden. Some of the more notable dwarf or compact varieties available from Richters are:

Fernleaf dill
English mint
Pot cilantro (or Vietnamese coriander)
Any of the bush basils
Dwarf sage
Blue Boy rosemary
Compact english thyme
Cretan oregano
Green River parsley
Winter savory

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