Fragrant Plants
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Christina
Posted on: July 13, 2007

I am looking for perennials and annuals that are as fragrant as possible. I am trying to mask the scent of the area where my two dogs do their business.

You do not say where you live, so I cannot suggest perennials to you that should survive outside during your winters.

If you can restrain the plants one of your best options would be a strongly pleasantly scented mint such as orange mint or peppermint-hardy to Zone 5. Other tender perennials with wonderful, easily released scents are some scented geraniums such as apple, lemon Frencham, peppermint and Rober’s lemon rose. Try pineapple sage, fruit sage and lemon verbena. Less easily released scents can be had from the tough and zone 5 winter hardy Greek oregano. Thymes are great too especially if the dogs walk over them to get to their special place. The hardiest is purple carpet lemon thyme. The only thyme that is not suitable in woolly thyme since it has no scent.

Annuals with good scents would be basils, sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) with the latter growing tall enough to hide the mess as well.

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