Curry Leaf Plant, Murraya koenigii, in Zone 9
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Dennis Bandhu
Posted on: August 12, 2007

I live Sacramento, CA, USA. I just received two plants, and I planted one in pot and one under the eaves, on the south side of my house. The plant in the pot is in filtered light on the patio and is doing well, the plant next to the house, has a little sunburn. Will the curry leaf do well outside in Sacramento? Can I plant them under some trees, like Chinese pistachio or citrus (lemon)?

Sacramento is in zone 9 and since the curry leaf plant can be grown out of doors in zone 9 to the tropics, it should do fine for you. Close to the house might be a problem, especially on the South side because you get reflection of heat from the house wall as well as the direct sun’s rays. Another problem for under eave growing is that is tends to be dry there yet Murraya likes moist, rich soil. With the California climate running to droughts, this problem of liking it moist can become critical. Planting in the shade of another tree is fine since the plant tolerates shade as well as full sun. Make sure you mulch the plant well, to prevent too rapid drying out of the soil.

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