Propagating a Particular Plant of Lavender
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Cecile Dautet
Posted on: October 15, 2007

I e-mailed this question about 3 months ago but didn’t get an answer so I’m trying again because I still need the info. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and have some English lavender which is doing really well, despite the fact that I don’t protect them in the winter.

My question is: how do I give some to my neighbor /family who wants to grow MY lavender?

Sorry about the delay, but we never received your first message. In the spring check your plant as soon as it starts to grow. Since it was doing well last year, my guess is that it will have grown several stems. If this is so, dig up the whole plant and with a sharp spade cut it into two pieces. You will notice that all the stems have grown their own roots and with good care both pieces will carry on like gang busters!

If your plant winterkilled to just one or two stems, then don’t disturb it. Wait till some of the new shoots are about 5 cm tall, then peel them off the main stem in such a way, that a heel will be formed. Dip the heel into rooting hormone. If none is available, you might have access to a willow tree. Take a few twigs from it, put them into a glass of water and allow the twigs to soak for about a day. Then take your lavender cuttings, dip them into the willow-tree water stick the heel into a container of sterilized sand, water with the willow-tree water, allow to drain and then cover with a clean bag of plastic. Put the bagged cuttings into a bright cool spot out of the direct sun and wait for new growth.

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