Luffa Growing
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Shelly Chapman
Posted on: October 15, 2007

I was referred to you by one of your customers. I have a few questions. I am new to the luffa growing world. I live on one acre in Sarasota Florida, USA. My friend said you sold seeds but since I am still learning, I would like to know which type of luffa makes the best sponge as I would like to grow them and make it a small family business. I would get my two young boys involved in the growing and harvesting and then I would like to market them to day spas in Florida. I understand I probably can’t grow 2 different kinds at a time as they will cross pollinate but my friend said you have some wonderful seeds for sale. Please advise as I would like to be successful at my first harvest when I plant. I was told I could plant as early as the begining of April. Is it true that I could start the plants inside and possiblly get 2 growing seasons here in Florida?

First of all I think you should consult the "Q&A" section of our web-site which is located in the "News&Info" section on the left hand side of the home page of the site. If you type in "Luffa" once in the section, several pertinent questions and answers will come up.

The luffa seeds Richters sells produce large, slightly elongated fruit. My daughter grew them in 2006 in Southern Ontario, Canada and had enough fruits to last her for several years! In Florida the plants would produce even more fruits. Plant new seeds, when the old plants are looking tired and stop producing new flowers. Do try the plants one year on a more modest scale so that you learn how they react to the Florida climate. Use lots of well rotted manure to get strong plants.

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