Aquariums to Grow Herbs
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Angela Lucius
Posted on: December 02, 2007

I have an old 55 gallon fish aquarium that I thought might make a good place to grow some herbs.. I have several aquarium "Grow" lights but this will be my first time at attempting to grow herbs so I’m a little you have any hints on growning herbs in aquariums?

Terrariums, Wardian cases or aquaria filled with a soil mix but no water are a good way to grow anything that does not like the dry indoor environment humans seem to spend their winters in. Make sure to put one to two inches (2-5cm) gravel in the bottom of the tank and place your pots on top of the moistened gravel. Place the lights on top and close the rest of the top partially with a pane of plastic or glass.

I have some lavender, oregano and cilantro/coriander seeds that I thought I would try first...if you have any suggestions or other sites that might help I appreciate it. And should these seeds be planted in separate containers or bunched together in one pot... until I get my greenhouse built I’m limited on indoor space.

The three types of seed you mention need very different germination conditions, so I suggest different containers. The lavender seed may need freezing to germinate if it is an English lavender type. The oregano likes to be warm to germinate and the cilantro must be cool if it is to germinate well.

And lastly how much time should the "Grow" lights be left on for and what temperature would you suggest for indoor growing. Thanks for your wonderful website and for sharing your expertise, I look forward to learning all I can about growing herbs .

Leave the lights on for 14 hours a day and grow at about 60F (15C) days and 50F (10C) nights.

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