What are Good Medicinal Herbs for Around the Yard in Southern California?
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Jenna Armstrong
Posted on: December 07, 2007

I live in a 9b zone, where the soil is decomposed granite. I would like to plant medicinal herbs all around the house, mostly in-ground but some in pots. I have full-sun and shady areas, but I don’t know what plants would work well here. I want a well-rounded garden, with everything I need to keep my own pharmacopeia. Do you have a list of herbs to suggest?

We do not have such a list, but we sell many books that suggest herbs for the various uses. I would suggest the book "Growing 101 Herbs that Heal" by Tammy Hartung, Richters catalogue number B4330. Use the zone rating given in our catalogue (opposite the Latin name) to pick out the plants that will be hardy in your area. This rating can also be found on our web-page www.richters.com under "News&Info", "Richters InfoCentre in the "Richters Herb Growing Infobase".

Do remember that any plants you try to over-winter in unburied pots must be hardy to zone 7a to make it through your winters.

A good list of plants to start with would be found on page 73 of the 2007 catalogue under medicinal favorites: catnip, feverfew, German chamomile, echinacea, menthol mint, St. John’s wort, red yarrow, valerian, Baikal skullcap (plant in shade!). Other good choices would be aloe( winter indoors) and Russian comfrey.

Your problem will be to find plants that can take your summer heat.

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