Subject: How to Water Bacopa, and Earwigs on Mojito Mint
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Dawn
Posted on: February 21, 2008

Do you know how much water my bacopas need? They are doing well but they have brown leaves on them and I cannot find out whether this means too much or too little water.

Bacopa needs to be grown wet and suffers when kept too dry. You did not say how you watered it, so I cannot judge what you may have done wrong.

Do you have a page of help for houseplants on your website?

Not specifically. But if you go to the "Q&A" part of the "News&Info" section, then you can type in the particular plant you have a problem with and the search program will bring up all questions and answers that we have previously dealt with on that topic.

Also, I had earwigs in my mojito mint that I bought. Is the damage that the bugs did reversible?

The plant will grow new shoots and leaves, but it cannot repair damage done to leaves and stems. If some stems or leaves look too awful, just snip them off and new stems will soon start.

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