Herbs in Pots in Arizona
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Pamela Davie
Posted on: May 07, 2008

I have had remarkable success growing herbs in pots in Maryland, USA although most do not overwinter. My daughter in Arizona (outside Phoenix) wants help doing the same. She has an eastern exposure and an option for sun or shade (covered patio). I know I have to water every day in MD and assume it would be even more important in AZ. The big difference will be in humidity levels. What can she do to combat excessive dryness?

She also has unlimited access to horse manure. Can she utilize this for fertilizing? (I have always used MiracleGro biweekly.)

In Arizona even the Mediterranean herbs will find it too hot and certainly too dry to do well in the sun. The shady area would be just fine. Since it is an eastern exposure they would get some cool morning sun -- a big help for good flavour. I would suggest watering morning and night. The horse manure needs to be well composted for about two years with turning to not burn the roots. But after that it will hold moisture as well as fertilize.

Herbs in pots experience root temperatures equivalent to two zones colder in winter and two zones warmer in summer than their counterparts grown in the ground. Plunging the pots into the soil is one option for the winter.

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