Growing Arugula on a Windowsill
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Linda Simpson
Posted on: October 15, 2008

Can I grow arugula on a south by south-east window sill?

Yes, if the window is unobstructed and if it does not get too hot. Arugula likes it moist and cool.

Can I get either seeds or tiny plants from Richters’ in January or February of 2009 for a spring planting and summer/autumn harvesting?

Certainly. We do not sell the plants, but seed germinates readily.

Is it possible to grow the plants indoors, in winter?

Yes, if the room does not get too hot and/or dry. You may have to supplement the light with fluorescent tubes if the sun gets too low.

Can seed be saved from season to season?


Even getting fresh arugula here in London, Ontario is difficult. I would love to find somewhere - within the city of London - who could supply me throughout the year.

Greenhouse growing is probably too expensive by now with today’s energy prices. Growing it yourself for the winter is probably your only cost-effective choice. Try various farmer’s markets in your area for a summer supply. If you ask often enough perhaps an enterprising farmer in your area will start to grow it for the farmer’s market.

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