Curry Plant Disease
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Sheena

We have several curry plants. Since we live in Michigan, USA, we bring the plants inside during the winter and take them out during the summer. This year, we put them outside and now, a few months later, all of them have brown and black raised bumps on the stems and leaves. They tend to be clustered very close on the stems, and on the leaves, they are found on both the top and bottom surfaces. We’re not sure whether the problem started while the plant was inside (maybe we just didn’t notice it when it was only on one or two of the plants). But now, the problem is spreading to our other plants--not even just the curry plants. If you need a picture, I can send that too.

Are you familiar with scale insects? Your problem sounds just like them, but I would have to see a picture to be sure. Try to scrape off the bumps and if they come off, then it almost certainly is this bug. When this insect is mature, you will get a white mass under the scale top and this is eggs ready to invade everything else in your garden! Scrape off what you can and then spray with neem oil (2 teaspoons oil per quart or litre of water plus 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent of insecticidal soap concentrate) Repeat the spray after every rain and at least once a week for a month. You can also spray with Windex (an ammonia solution) but alternate it with neem oil.

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