Over wintering Shittake mushrooms
Question from: Elaine Matton
Posted on: November 18, 2008

We purchased 2 orders of Shittake mushrooms spores (1,200) late this spring and are now wanting to get the logs protected from the winter. We live in Port Sydney, half way between Bracebridge and Huntsville, so our winters are on the cold side. What’s the best way to protect them from the elements? We get lots of snow, and some wind. Temps. may dip to -30C.

Shittake mushrooms are hardy to zone 5, but you seem to be zone 4. If you can, I would suggest you move the logs into an unheated garage which should give just enough protection to simulate zone 5. If you cannot move them, I would pop a garbage can over each log and pile straw or hay around the can. If you have a lot of wind, some netting may be necessary to hold the mulch in place.

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