Growing Lemon grass And Lavender In Containers
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Natashya J Waring
Posted on: November 18, 2008

I recently purchased some 6 lemon grass and 6 lavender plants from Richter’s. I live in Austin, TX, USA and want to grow them in containers. What are your suggestions and tips regarding how to plant these herbs such as pot size, how many plants/pot and type of soil.

The bigger the container the better the plants will grow in it in your hot, dry climate. A minimum would probably be a 12 inches (30cm) diameter pot, but twice the size would be better -to stop the soil from heating up too much. Watering regularly -probably once a day is also important, since the pot will dry out quickly, but in so doing will cool the soil. Make sure there is a good drainage hole in the bottom, since lavender MUST have good drainage. If you have a two-foot tub, you could plant all 6 lavenders around the outside and put the lemon grass in the centre. In a one-foot tub, use half the plants in each. For soil, use tropical plant soil, as is available in garden supply stores.

If it looks too mushy when wetted add some sharp builder’s sand to the mix. After planting, move the pots gradually into brighter light and stop if they seem unable to cope with the sun.

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