Chinese Wolfberry Not Growing, Winter Care Of Indoor Herbs
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Drew Michelson
Posted on: November 19, 2008

I have a couple of questions about a few products I purchased from Richters:

1. I bought two Chinese wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) plants. A few days after receiving them, I transplanted them into larger pots. I have not noticed any growth. They have had a good amount of sun and water, but not too much. Also, the leaves have mostly fallen off. I read online that these plants are deciduous, so that may explain why the leaves have fallen? As for the lack of growth, do you know what might be a reason?

2. I purchased quite a few perennial herbs and I was just curious if, as fall and winter come on, I should be watering them throughout those seasons.

You do not say at what season you purchased the wolfberries. I assume it was in late summer. Wolfberries only have one growth spurt in our greenhouses and I presume the same is true if you keep them out of doors or plant them there if your winters are not too severe. However, plants grown out of doors will grow much better than their counterparts do under glass. If you keep the plants in the house, they will start growth earlier than they would if planted out of doors, but you will have to wait until then for new signs of life.

If you keep the herbs you bought indoors for the winter, you should try to keep them a bit cooler and drier than out of doors in the summer, but do not let them dry out completely. You will not need to fertilize until spring comes to indoor plants in February.

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