Stevia Seeds, Type And Testing
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Brooke Lounsbury

I have had wonderful luck with germinating my Stevia seeds. I have 2 questions. They are now 8 weeks old. Have very fine holes in a few of the leaves (not many) what to do?

There are two possibilities. It could be a disease called "shot-hole" disease or some bug could be taking nibbles. Spray with a very dilute spray of tea tree oil with some dishwash soap as an emulsifier, or if you are not going to eat the leaves for a while, spray with neem solution. The tea tree oil may help with a disease, while the neem helps both, but leaves a bad taste for about a week.

And also, are the Stevia seeds from the plants you advertise? And where can I find a place to test the stevioside content?

No, we only offer plants from the "Crazy Sweet" variety, which I presume is the variety you refer to. I would suggest you get in touch with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to find out where to get your crop tested.

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