What Strain of Salvia Divinorum Does Richters Grow?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Joe Colburn
Posted on: January 20, 2009

I’m curious to know what strain(s) of Salvia divinorum you carry. I’m aware that seed production of the Salvia divinorum is extremely rare, and that the best propagation is by cloning. Where your original acquisition(s) by cutting or by seed? From what strain(s) were your original acquisition(s)?

Our original Salvia divinorum stock came from a customer who gave us plants of two distinct strains. Both were claimed to be psychoactive but one was said to be less bitter than the other. Unfortunately labels got mixed up early on, so we decided to sell our plants without a cultivator name. All our plants are propagated by cuttings from the original stock we were given more than 20 years ago.

We now believe that we were given the "Hoffmann and Wasson" and the "Burnell" strains, so our current stock comes from either or both of these. For more information of the history of these strains, see Daniel J. Siebert’s article, "The history of the first Salvia divinorum plants cultivated outside of Mexico":


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