Curry Plants
Answered by: Koidu Sulev
Question from: Diana
Posted on: March 03, 2009

Are the curry plants advertised in your catalouge on page 15- (items 2060 curry plant and 2061curry plant miniature) the type that are usually grown indoors- at least in cold climates- they have leaves on a long stem and it is the leaf you pick off and throw into dishes for seasoning. The other type that I saw outdoors on the coast a few weeks ago was a low growing spreading type with little needle looking foilage. The one I saw in a house up here came from a nursery in Ontario but the lady did not know which one as she has had it for many years.

Both curry plants in our catalogue have a pleasant curry fragrance. They do quite well indoors during the winter months in a sunny window. The miniature curry plant has needle like tiny leaves and grows as a small roundish bush when young and spreads out with draping branches when older. By your description the plant you saw is the Miniature Curry plant Helichrysum italicum microphyllum (P2061). Sprigs are added to rice, vegetables, deviled eggs and savory dishes to give a mild curry flavour.

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