Palmarosa Seeds
Answered by: Koidu Sulev
Question from: Rose Garbien
Posted on: April 28, 2009

I purchased palmarosa seeds (which had a very low germination rate) for this growing season. I live in Connecticut, USA Z5. I have some seedlings up (with their second set of leaves) in a small heated hoop house. I would like to know if this plant likes to be dry or moist, lots of sun or shade and should I plant more than one seedling in a large pot. Also how big will it get?

Palmarosa is an aromatic grass which grows in India to about 36 inches in height and likes sun and moist soil. The poor germination could be due to the fact that the seeds need to be soaked over night before sowing. Your seedlings are still small, so wait until they grow 2-3 inches in height. In the meanwhile water them with chamomile tea to prevent dampening off.. Depending on the size of your pots one plant will be enough. You might have seen lemongrass growing, palmarosa belongs to the same genus, so you will have an idea what it will look like. The palmarosa plants can be moved outdoors beginning of June and they need to be kept moist.

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