French Tarragon growing in Central Florida, USA
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Vince Giacomin
Posted on: July 16, 2009

I am trying to grow French Tarragon in Florida (Tampa area), USA. The plant seems to look good in the morning but wilting some by evening. Can you give me any tips on growing this herb in Florida?

French Tarragon is rated to be hardy in zones 4-7, but central Florida is zone 9. Since this 2 zones warmer than the plant can survive outside on its own, you will have to take some actions. The plant may be able to survive the summer in the shade and with lots of watering on hot days. If this does not work, plant the plant in a pot and put it into an air-conditioned area during the hottest part of the summer. Also, you may have trouble in the winter. Tarragon needs one month of freezing in winter to not just peter out in the next growing season. Perhaps you could put the pot in the freezer during the coldest month of your winter...

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