Dwarf Pomegranate and Lavender not flowering
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Jennifer
Posted on: September 29, 2009

A few months ago I placed an order for a dwarf pomegranate plant and a lavender plant. Neither have yet flowered, but they both seem to be in good health. I assumed the lavender would have flowers by now. Could you please advise? They have been fertilized every other week.

Since lavender is a perennial, it may not flower the first year, unless it had a chance to root well. That rooting is the plant’s first priority so that it can survive the winter.

Dwarf pomegranate is either cutting propagated, in which case it may bloom the first year, but even then it may wait for a year or two, or it is seed propagated in which case it may wait longer still. Trees are programmed to not be mature or capable of flowering until a certain age, with four years being a minimum. when a plant is propagated by a cutting it takes the maturity stage programme of the mother plant with it and will therefore bloom much earlier.

Another reason for non-flowering may be your type of fertilizer. Choose a high middle number one for two to three weeks, then switch to a high last number one. High phosphate signals to the plant that a change in stage is coming and the high Potassium (Kalium in Latin) signals the plant that it is mature and therefore ready to reproduce - or bloom. A high first number, or high nitrogen signals the plant to produce greenery.

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