Dwarf Pomegranate - Half of plant wilting?
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kristie Wang
Posted on: September 29, 2009

I just bought a Dwarf Pomegranate and repotted it into a bigger pot. It’s outside in pretty much full sun and it’s pretty hot these days.

Now, half of the plant is wilting. The other half looks OK, but not great. I had thought that these plants loved sun. Am I doing something wrong?

Quickly put the plant in deep shade for a week or two or until it has perked up and then gradually move it out into full sun-taking a minimum of two weeks to do so.

The reason for the wilting was that one side of the root system was damaged in the repotting and the other half of the plant could not keep up with the water loss either, because it had grown only enough roots to be sufficient for its previous growing conditions. Another reason could be that the other side was less disturbed than the wilting side. You must give it time to grow new roots to gradually get enough roots for the conditions. Plants grow slowly after all. If the wilting was so bad that that part of the plant was irreparably damaged, you may have to clip that part off and re-grow the plant.

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